Cargill Recalls Beef After Salmonella Outbreak

The agribusiness giant is recalling more than 29,300 pounds of ground beef after 33 cases of salmonella poisoning in seven states.


Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation is recalling 29,339 pounds of ground beef product that may be contaminated with salmonella following a multi-state outbreak of salmonella Enteriditis, one of the most common types of salmonella strains. The recall involves 33 patients from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont. Hannaford Supermarkets is the only retailer revealed to have sold the contaminated beef thus far. Salmonella infections are potentially fatal to individuals with weak immune systems, and are often most detrimental to infants, older adults, and sick persons. Last year, Cargill recalled more than 36 million pounds of ground turkey after a salmonella outbreak resulted in one death and 107 case-related illnesses across 31 states.

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