The Body Shop and CFI Call to Ban Animal Testing

Cruelty-Free International and The Body Shop partner to bring an end to animal testing for cosmetics.


Beauty giant The Body Shop is partnering with Cruelty-Free International to introduce a new global pledge to ban animal testing. The pledge launches in stores across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and will be available to consumers in Body Shop stores across 65 countries. Cruelty-Free International is the first global organization dedicated to ending animal testing throughout the world. Paul McGreevy, International Values and R&D Director of The Body Shop, asserts, “…Unfortunately many people believe this issue is resolved and it is not. We are very proud to support Cruelty-Free International’s campaign to achieve a worldwide ban on animal testing and encourage everyone to sign their pledge in our stores!” More than 80 percent of the world still allows animal testing for cosmetic products.

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