Campbell's Soup to End Use of Gestation Crates

Campbell’s Soup to End Use of Gestation Crates

The food company pledged to completely eliminate the use of gestation crates in its supply line by 2022.


Campbell’s Soup, along with the largest US-based food company Aramark, is the latest food company to commit to the elimination of gestation crates in its pork supply chain. While Campbell’s has set a 2022 deadline as the definitive date to complete the transition, the business hopes to have made significant progress as soon as 2017. Campbell’s follows in the footsteps of more than 20 companies to eradicate the use of the confining crates, including Costco, Sysco, and McDonald’s. Animal-welfare organizations such as Mercy For Animals are encouraging other food distributors such as Walmart and Target to follow suit. Walmart has come under recent scrutiny after a MFA undercover investigation displayed abuse of sows at one of the chain’s suppliers.

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