Farm Sanctuary Calls Attention to Animal Waste

The animal sanctuary’s head hit airwaves to discuss factory farms.


Recently, Farm Sanctuary president and Co-founder Gene Baur spoke to HLN News Reporter Jane Velez-Mitchell about the mass destruction caused by factory farming methods, revealing disturbing information gathered during a recent trip to North Carolina. While in the Tar Heel State, Baur visited with Water Keeper Alliance, who sample and measure the water in the areas near and surrounding hog farms, and revealed that the muddy-colored water tested by WKA was composed of animal waste that had been sprayed into the air. Velez-Mitchell further revealed information released by the Environmental Protection Agency stating that a single dairy cow produces 120 pounds of wet manure per day. HLN attempted to contact the National Pork Producer’s Council for a response, but was unable to reach a representative for comment.

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