First All-Veg Subway Restaurant to Open in India

The world’s first all-vegetarian Subway restaurant is set to open in September on a private state university campus in Jalandhar.


US-based sandwich chain Subway is set to open the world’s first meat-free restaurant September 4 on a private university campus in Jalandhar. The Lovely Professional University, which is run by a strict Hindu Mittal family who encourage the promotion of vegetarian meals on campus, will continue encouraging healthy eating amongst students with the implementation of the chain. “Our university promotes healthy eating for its students and we as a brand are known for our fresh and low-fat sandwiches and salads. It was a natural fit for Subway to be present here,” says LPU vice-chancellor Ashok Mittal. While American and European outlets only offer two vegetarian options, of the 280 Subway locations in India, none sell beef and all have a separate counter offering six vegetarian options including aloo patty, veggi shammi, and garbanzo beans.

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