New Legislative Bill Could Ban Fur Sales in Israel

The Israeli legislative branch has introduced a bill that would forbid the sale of fur within the country.


The legislative branch of the Israeli government (the Knesset) recently introduced a bill that would forbid sales of fur in Israel, with exceptions made only for science, traditional customs, and to express cultural identity. Animal-rights activists are praising the move. “This legislation may yet save millions of animals. Israel may well become the first country to ban fur sales nationwide,” said Jane Halevy, executive director and founder of the International Anti-Fur Coalition. The bill implores that fur is not a necessity item, but simply a fashion item or status symbol to which there are many suitable synthetic alternatives. While Israel would be the first country to ban the sale of fur nationwide, some cities across the globe have already adopted anti-fur stances, including Dublin and Fingal in Ireland, and West Hollywood in California.

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