Wild Animals Help Kangaroos Escape Wildlife Park

A fox and wild boar were accomplices to three kangaroos who hopped nine miles to freedom from a German wildlife park.


Three kangaroos at Rheinböllen Wildlife Park in Germany managed a great escape over the weekend with the help of a fox and a wild boar. The fox dug underneath a fence, while the boar broke a barricade, allowing marsupials Jack, Mick, and Skippy to hop nine miles to freedom until spotted by an onlooker. “They’re not aggressive at all. We were worried they might get run over,” said the zoo’s Deputy Manager Michael Hoffmann, who further speculated that the break-out likely had to do with the fact that young foxes in the area are searching out food. “And wild boars try to get in here too because they can dig around our meadows and don’t have to worry about getting shot,” added Hoffmann. The kangaroo trio have since been apprehended by officials.

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