Wall Street Journal Publishes Plant-Based Debate

The current-affairs website enlists the opinion of experts when questioning the pros and cons of a vegan diet.


The Wall Street Journal published a debate on its website yesterday, enlisting the help of T. Colin Campbell, professor at Cornell University and author of The China Study to face off against Dr. Nancy Rodriguez, professor at the University of Connecticut, in a plant-based versus animal-based diet debate. Campbell cited human populations with heart disease and cancer were strongly associated with animal-based diets, revealed the damaging effects of casein and links between dairy and bone health, expressed concern over the US Department of Agriculture’s ties to the meat industry, and shared the pain-relieving benefits of plant-based eating, noting a plant-based lifestyle can reverse 70 to 80 percent of symptomatic disease. Rodriguez countered with concerns over a lack of nutrients, endorsed the USDA as a reliable source, disregarded Campbell’s casein claims, and refuted any evidence of animal protein being linked to cancer. In April, The New York Times hosted a similar discussion on a vegan diet in its “Room for Debate” column.

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