Toddy Takeover: 10 Amazing Vegan Cold-Weather Cocktails

There’s nothing quite like a warm and boozy beverage to take the chill off—and these 10 seasonal sippers are guaranteed to satisfy.


The weather outside may be frightful, but I think that all of us can agree that a hot toddy is so delightful when this time of year rolls around. Rum, whiskey, or wine—we love it all when it’s spiced, cinnamon-y, and sip-able. Whether you’re looking for a solid punch bowl filler or just something to whip up for a single fireside mug, these 10 toasty beverages will keep you beyond cozy.

1. The Old Twelfth Night
Named one of City Eats’ “Top 10 Winter Cocktails Around the Country,” this cocktail from the menu of Chicago’s South Water Kitchen combines apple brandy, high-proof bourbon, lemon, and freshly made thyme syrup for a todd-tastic classic that packs a fruit ‘n’ herb punch. Garnish with an apple slice for full effect.

2. Classic Mulled Wine
Get medieval with an aromatic cauldron of mulled wine, guaranteed to add a little romance to your evening. Perfect for the casual drinker, this recipe is super simple and contains no hard alcohol, making your morning after a little easier (no Alka-Seltzer necessary).

3. Comfort Coffee
Sometimes, both a caffeine fix and a bourbon bite are desired. This is where Comfort Coffee comes in. Java, whiskey, and a little bit of sweet orange-clove syrup go a long way. Tip: Keep extra Comfort Syrup handy, as it makes a delicious addition to any toddy—with coffee or without.

4. Winter Julep
While the word “julep” typically conjures up images of Southern ladies sipping on a summer porch fanning their visages, this warm julep is best suited to the wintry months. Peppermint tea’s calming properties makes this beverage an ideal nightcap indulgence.

5. Warm Cider and Rum Punch
The irresistible scents of apple, ginger, and cinnamon will fill your kitchen when you create a cozy pot of this crowd-pleasing brew from the queen of entertaining herself, Martha Stewart. A little bit old school and plenty fruity, it makes the most of rum’s sugary flavor notes.

6. Vegan Hot Buttered Rum
Old timey, rich, and sweet (not to mention potent), hot buttered rum is basically the perfect autumn-winter drink. As vegans, the word “buttery” sometimes makes us skeptical, but this version has been modified to be dairy-free. Trust us, you’ll love it as much as your Grandpa did.

7. Mulled Spice Cheribundi
Root beer? Cherry juice? “What are these wacky elements doing in my winter cocktail?” you may ask. But this creative concoction offers a different take on the typical toddy, which grounds the strong flavors of the aforementioned with the more ubiquitous seasonal aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

8. Apple Cider Hot Toddy
Simple and made with the good stuff, this twist on the classic toddy omits honey and subs in unfiltered cider for a delightful dose of crisp apple. Enjoy its subtle sweetness or customize it by adding cinnamon, vanilla syrup, or even a dollop of caramel.

9. Warm ‘n’ Toasty
Well, we’re sold on the name alone! A little bit of lemon, a dash of grenadine, and a base of bourbon make this lazy-day libation a little bit fruity and very comforting. Steep your favorite tea in it for a minute or two to infuse it with a light touch of chamomile, chai, or English breakfast.

10. Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate
Need we say more? This recipe from Minimalist Baker has so many delightful components that we don’t even know where to start, but we do know where we’ll finish—at the bottom of our mugs. Double or triple the recipe and make it the end-of-night treat at your holiday party.

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