Morrisey Calls Out Kate Middleton for Foie Gras

Whether it’s a royal pregnant duchess or a UK department store, Morrissey makes no reservations about scorning those who indulge in foie gras.


Musician Morrissey has long been a staunch advocate for a veg diet, from the infamous Meat is Murder album he released during his tenure in The Smiths to his recent spat with the Staples Center about what food the concession stands would serve to fans during one of his concerts earlier this year. Never one to shy away from touting his opinions, Morrissey made a post on his fan site “True to You” that congratulated Prince Charles for banning foie gras from royal functions. The British singer aimed his ire at Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton who still supposedly indulges in the dish made from duck and geese livers as well as the UK department store Fortnum & Mason, which carries foie gras.

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