NC Newspaper Calls Out Local Senator for Ag-Gag

Southern news source The Fayetteville Observer condemned a North Carolina politician and town resident for sponsoring the NC Commerce Protection Act of 2013.


The local North Carolina newspaper The Fayetteville Observer recently voiced its disapproval of one of its own residents, Senator Wesley Meredith, who is the sponsor of an ag-gag bill that would criminalize undercover factory farm investigations. The legislation was filed after five employees of a North Carolina Butterball factory were convicted on animal-cruelty charges and an NC Department of Agriculture official was indicted for obstruction of justice. According to the new source, the bill the NC Commerce Protection Act of 2013 would prohibit filming or taking videos at one’s job or making copies of documents and emails. “It might sound reasonable until you understand the motivation behind it,” says the The Fayetteville Observer about the legislature. “We hope Meredith will let this dreadful legislation die humanely in committee.”

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