Salted Chocolate Caramels

Sugar and salt harmonize in this gourmet chocolate caramel, creating a sweet melody that has it all.


Whoever conceived of putting salt in sweets should receive some sort of glimmering, jewel-encrusted award. Intuition might dictate that throwing a little salt into something like chocolate or caramel would be peculiar at best and disgusting at worst, but intuition is a damn fool. Allison’s Gourmet Salted Chocolate Caramels—chewy, mouthwatering (literally), and studded with pink Himalayan salt—combine three familiar flavors into a wholly new and mightily delicious experience that makes us want to stuff our bags with 30 or 40 of these suckers and ponder whether not having any teeth would really be that bad. Better yet, satiate sugar, salt, and chocolate cravings all at once with a single bite. Never again will you cry along to “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction),” because yes, you can.

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