Vegan Athletes Compete in Naturally Fit Games

45-member PlantBuilt Vegan Muscle Team head to Austin, TX on June 6.


The international PlantBuilt Vegan Muscle Team of 45 male and female vegan strength athletes is getting pumped up to compete with nearly 1,000 other cross-fitters, powerlifters, and kettle bell sport lifters at Austin, Texas’ Naturally Fit Games—one of the nation’s largest fitness events. PlantBuilt first smashed vegan physique stereotypes in 2013 by winning 40 percent of all the event’s trophies, even though they were outnumbered 9-to-1 by meat-eating competitors. The triumphant team returned in 2014, 33-members strong, earning first-place titles in 13 divisions. This year, they hope to take home even more trophies—while raising awareness of veganism, as well as funds for farm animal sanctuaries and vegan outreach programs.

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