Mumbai, India Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages

India’s largest city has outlawed the use of horse-drawn carriages, calling them “an avoidable activity.”


After local animal-rights groups filed a petition against Mumbai’s horse-drawn carriages, the Bombay High Court ordered that the practice be eliminated by June 8, 2016. The carriages—called “Victorias”—have been popular since Queen Victoria’s 19th-century reign and are one of Mumbai’s most popular tourist attractions. With activists citing the horses’ malnourishment and being overworked as cruel and dangerous practices, the ruling says that “using horse-driven carriages only for joyrides solely for human pleasure is an avoidable activity.” The court also mandated that all horses be rehabilitated at appropriate care centers and that local authorities help find alternate employment for the 700 people previously dependent on the industry. In the United States, New York City activists continue to advocate for a similar ban.

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