Morrissey Uses NYC Concert to Promote Veganism

International rock star sings about meatless diets at Madison Square Garden, where concession stands went vegetarian for the night.


For the first time since its 1968 opening, New York City’s Madison Square Garden (MSG) on Saturday agreed to serve only vegan food at an event. The historic moment occurred during a performance by British crooner Morrissey, who threatened to cancel his concert if the venue did not comply with his meat-free request. Concert-goers enjoyed veggie dogs while the Smiths singer belted out his former band’s “Meat Is Murder” with a slaughterhouse video streaming behind him. According to The Huffington Post, “the crowd’s fixation [on this backdrop] made MSG feel more like a church than an area,” and some fans broke down into tears at the footage. Unfortunately, the stadium did not ensure that only vegetarian fare was served in the corporate suites, “an oversight [that] will be fixed the next time.” Despite MSG’s huge gaffe in allowing meat to be served in some areas of this event, Morrissey’s messages of animal-rights activism reached thousands of fans and deserves an ovation.

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