Goat Cheese Company Goes Vegan

Goat Cheese Company Goes Vegan

The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is now making cashew cheese instead of goat cheese.


In July, The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats in Mojave, CA, ended its 20-year practice of breeding goats to produce cheese in favor of making cashew cheese instead. Taking their business cruelty-free has earned owners Carol and Julian Pearce recognition from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which bestowed the duo with a Compassionate Business Award. “PETA applauds this progressive business for switching from goat cheese makers to vegan cheese purveyors, giving the goats a chance to live out their lives as individuals, not commodities,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said. “The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is an excellent example of how kind companies can create heart-healthy, animal-friendly products.” The former dairy-cheese company is now a non-profit rescue organization that houses goats, chickens, sheep, and other animals—with proceeds from its vegan cheese sales going to support operations.

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