Vegetable Milk Comes to the US

Blend of potatoes, cassava root, and pea protein has already been making waves in Canada for three months and will soon be available in America.


Makers of Veggemo—a new plant-based milk made from vegetables instead of nuts, grains, or legumes—is slated to hit American stores after three successful months in Canada. Global Gardens Group developed and launched the soy-, GMO-, and dairy-free beverage in Canada late in 2015 in order to bring variety to the ever-growing non-dairy milk industry. “We didn’t want another soy, rice, or almond product,” Wade Bayne, vice president of marketing, told FoodNavigator-USA. “We knew per capita consumption of dairy milk has declined over the years, so we thought ‘where’s the white space?’” Veggemo is made from pea protein for flavor and nutritional content, cassava root tapioca for texture, and potatoes for color. The resulting blend, it says, has the smoothness of two-percent dairy milk, is rich in calcium and vitamin D, is an excellent source of B12—and doesn’t taste like vegetables. Global Gardens Group plans to introduce Veggemo, available in original, unsweetened and vanilla flavors, to the US market at Natural Products Expo West in March.

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