VegNews Intern Testimonials

Thinking about applying for an internship at our award-winning magazine? Here’s what former VN interns had to say about their experience.

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Interning at VegNews was one of the most valuable, rewarding, and fun work experiences I have ever had. At VegNews, interns are valued as vital members of the team: after training, I felt prepared and empowered to lead research on the latest and most breaking news in veganism, pitch ideas for daily and feature-length articles, and make connections with news-making innovators. With the help of the wonderful VegNews editors, I wrote and published 70 online articles in 13 weeks, in addition to working with the team to brainstorm and edit the print magazine, one of the most widespread and impactful publications available. And I haven’t yet mentioned the office goodies—from doughnuts to green juices—that we get to sample for articles. Working at VegNews is amazing in every way!
Veronica Houk, New York City

VegNews is not only a great magazine, but also an incredible place to work. I am so grateful for how much I have learned here over the past six months. Given that VegNews has a small staff but does so much with the magazine, website, social media, newsletters, and more, I felt as though I was an essential and valued member of the team—a wonderful thing to feel as an intern! My days were filled with writing news briefs and articles for the website and magazine, participating in taste tests and design meetings, logging new (super cool!) products in, and editing and fact-checking content from other writers. I was beyond thrilled when I found out that I got this one-of-a-kind internship and it has proven to be even better than I had imagined. As I move back to Chicago to start the next chapter, I am taking with me sharpened writing and editing skills, a thorough understanding for the publishing industry, and unforgettable San Francisco memories.
Kaitlyn Mekertichian, Chicago

Parting from the team at VegNews is definitely a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, I feel incredibly prepared to pursue a career in publishing—on a daily basis I contributed to the magazine’s award-winning web content; partook in brainstorming meetings; shared my ideas on magazine features and design concepts; learned to write in VN’s signature editorial voice; and tackled various tasks including substantive editing, fact-checking, and product testing (tough, right?). On the other hand, it is bittersweet to pass the torch to the next lucky intern—this is a crew of incredibly talented, funny, invested, and hard-working vegans who care passionately about the earth, food, and animals. From day one I felt involved and appreciated for my unique skill set, and I will remember my time in San Francisco as full of exciting challenges, copious amounts of laughter, and the occasional (but well-worth) stomach-ache.
Kim Budziak, Vancouver

The VegNews internship far surpassed my expectations which, given the stellar reputation of both the program and the publication, were high to begin with. Getting the opportunity to engage in such meaningful work alongside some of the most talented, hardworking, and bright people I’ve ever encountered was incredibly rewarding. Reflecting on the last six months, I am grateful for the practical skills I’ve accumulated—not to mention the massive array of published clips—and I’m honored to have been part of the extraordinary VN team!
Rashida Harmon, San Francisco

My time at VegNews was an incredible learning experience. As an editorial intern, I was exposed to so many aspects of magazine publishing including pitching stories, fact-checking articles, partaking in design meetings, and more. Don’t expect any typical intern tasks here (not once did I use a copy machine). Because of the level of work VegNews gives its interns, I left with valuable skills that I’m sure will help toward building my future career. And let’s not forget the amazing amount of vegan treats that you’re guaranteed to encounter in VN’s gorgeous office!
Alexandra Chang, UC Berkeley

This internship was my first experience out in the real world of publishing, and I’m so glad it was at VegNews! Here, I had the opportunity to put so much of what I’d learned in school to use, and pick up some new tricks as well. I loved learning how to speak to a certain audience and working with people who were so passionate about what they do.
Brooke Still, University of Missouri

I knew from several years spent reading VegNews Magazine, the VegNews blogs, and that the VN internship was most certainly on my horizon. How perfect is it to combine my passions for veganism, writing, and delicious food, in order to work for an ethically minded magazine? Somehow, I managed to come out on top as one of the chosen two, packed my bags for San Francisco, and settled in for six exciting months.
Gabrielle Pope, Vancouver

I can remember the feeling of nervous excitement I felt my first time stepping through the doors of the VegNews offices, and am still amazed that this excitement never diminished, only amplified, each day I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic magazine and even more amazing people. As an editorial intern, you are immediately welcomed into the VegNews family and treated like a valued staff member. Never before had I been so involved with all aspects of magazine production, from writing features to trying to nail down the most enticing cover photos. My experience with VegNews was invaluable because it showed me how far passion, drive, and support can go in creating a magazine I feel privileged to say I was a part of. As I move forward in my writing career, I will always remember laughter over homemade lunches, waiting excitedly for the new issue to arrive from the presses, and that time I ate too many vegan Twinkies and couldn’t sit still for 24 hours.
Kristen Haney, Walnut Creek

During my time with VegNews, I learned so much about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into magazine publishing, whether it was brainstorming ideas for the next issue, finalizing layout and design, writing columns for the magazine, or gaining valuable experience writing and editing for the web. But the best part of my internship was making some great friends in a welcoming, supportive, and fun work environment. I don’t know if I’ll ever work with people who are so passionate about what they do, but have so much fun at the same time.
Sara Constantineau, Vancouver 

With utter enthusiasm and delight, I must say that spending the summer with VegNews Magazine has been the best summer of my life. Beyond teaching me the inner workings of a magazine I love dearly, my time at the magazine has taught me to become a more confident writer, a more positive thinker, and a significantly better editor (if I can even consider myself that). Perhaps more importantly, VegNews has taught me what a healthy work environment is. Never before have I worked with such intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and hilarious people in my life. The delicious homemade daily lunches haven’t hurt, either. As I leave San Francisco and head back to start and finish my senior year at Ohio University, I feel wiser, more experienced, and wonderfully, unapologetically happier than ever.
Kailey Harless, Ohio University

The amount of involvement and responsibility given to a VegNews intern is definitely a confidence builder and a great opportunity to learn how a small business operates—I daresay I learned way more here compared to other internships I’ve had. The big difference is this: you’re definitely a part of the VegNews team upon arrival and your opinion is valued as opposed to the mediocre tasks and lack of community that one may find elsewhere. And there is always the chance to do more to gain further experience. And I may have put on the VegNews 10 during my stay… seriously, prepare yourself for a smorgasbord of sweets.
Charlotte Gordon, UC Berkeley

From writing and editing to design and marketing, the VegNews internship offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness—and take part in—the inner workings of magazine production. Promoting vegetarianism alongside a close-knit team of passionate staff members was a truly rewarding and enlightening experience. The position provided unparalleled room for personal and professional growth and development, and offered ample opportunity to travel, sample new products and cuisines, attend local events, and meet forerunners in the field. I can wholeheartedly attest that being a part of the VegNews team has made me a better person and changed my perspective on life.
Stacy Blondin, Harvard University

At the risk of sounding like a broken record or worse, a cliché, I’ll admit it. My fall internship at VegNews easily ranks as the best four months of my young life. Each day allowed me to explore not only every facet of my dream job, but also my full potential as a team member in multiple roles: writer, editor, design critic, Café VegNews chef, and beyond. The VN staff gives you what most interns are denied—real, valuable stock in the final product. You’re there every step of the way, from brainstorming story ideas to the meticulous final edits. Nothing feels better than when that first issue arrives, every page reflecting your hard work, sweat, and soul. Aside from a bevy of clips, refined journalism skills, and a knack for whipping up a quick batch of biscuits, I left my stint with something you can’t put a price on: confidence. If you let it, this internship can, and will, change your life. My advice? Go for it. You won’t regret it.
Abigail Young, St. Louis

My experience as an intern was, no exaggeration, transformative—and not just because I transplanted myself from wintry Ontario, Canada to live on SF’s “balmy” beach. As a philosophy grad I had transferable skills and some raw talent, but I’d been trained to research, write, and edit in a very specific way. I was ready to expand these skills so that I could write for any forum—hard news, lifestyle, blogs, interviews, as well as essays. Once I got over a few style discrepancies (um, “colour” without a “u”? Please!), I would say that applying to the VN internship was, after going vegan, the best personal decision I’ve made to date. Being thrown into the editorial deep-end right away, I was encouraged to try my hand at fact-checking, editing, researching—even interviewing prominent celebrities—all within my first few months. Working for a crazy-successful independent magazine meant that I came out of the nine-month experience with a well-known publication on my resumé, a fat portfolio, and, most importantly, a whole host of multi-industry skills. I’ve also walked away with some close friendships and a wide network of colleagues.
Lisa Mickleborough, Toronto

This internship has been one of the most influential experiences of my adult life. The VegNews team creates such an approachable and inspiring environment that personal and professional development is inevitable. Contributing to this phenomenal publication—from the heart of its editorial to its attractive design—is more fun and ultimately rewarding than I ever could have imagined.
Katie Donaldson, Boulder

The VegNews internship literally changed my life, and I’m not just saying that because the publisher is standing over my shoulder reading this. In all seriousness, whereas other internships focus on the strenuous, career-changing tasks of coffee-fetching and photocopying, the VegNews internship has given me the opportunity to actually work on a magazine that I love, doing everything from writing to interviewing. The editorial experience is only bested by coming to work every day to find the company of intelligent, dedicated people.
Elizabeth Castoria, San Francisco

My VegNews internship left me feeling truly prepared—and confident—to enter the media industry head on. And If I ever get scared or have questions, I always know I have an amazing family to phone home to for answers and support.
Christine Petrozzo, Syracuse University

VegNews Magazine provided me with top-notch experience directly pertaining to two of my passions—vegetarianism and the magazine industry. My internship is something I will forever look back on and appreciate.
Hannah Heathcote, Seattle

As a design intern at VegNews, I learned a wealth of graphic design skills that helped me nudge up the ladder of success. I am now a full-time designer at Travelocity but always make time to do freelance work for VegNews.
Sarah Premo, San Francisco

The VegNews internship program is a gratifying and unique way to learn the ropes of the industry. The atmosphere is nurturing and instructive while maintaining a high level of professionalism that urges interns to do their best. Plus, there is always a plethora of vegan snacks around the office, and the beach is a mere footsteps away.
Caitlin Sandberg, San Francisco

At VegNews I saw the inner workings of a real magazine. From the planning, story selection, design, writing, and editing, I learned how much work goes into putting together a publication. From the editors’ meetings to the excellent lunches, everyone participates and nobody is excluded. I left VegNews with a fat portfolio (and an even fatter tummy from all those vegan snacks!).
Nadia Smit, San Francisco State University