Vegan White Chocolate Giveaway!

Vegan White Chocolate Giveaway!

After trying every vegan white chocolate brand on the market, we unveil our favorites in the May+June edition of VegNews. Here’s your chance to win our top pick!


One thing is certain: we love white chocolate. For days on end, the VegNews staff taste-tested nearly every vegan white chocolate on the market to determine the absolute best of the best. The flavor, the color, the add-ins, the texture—we judged all of it and reveal the (delicious) results in the May+June edition of VegNews Magazine. Whether you want to make peanut butter-white chocolate cookies, a frothy mug of hot white chocolate, or savor a single piece of perfect white chocolate, we tell you everything you need to know, including our favorite of them all: Obsessive Confection Disorder’s Hand Made White Chocolate. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, it has a hint of sea salt, and we’re obsessed with it. And as a special bonus, we’re giving away an entire box of this sumptuous chocolate to one lucky VegNews reader. Simply tell us your favorite way to eat white chocolate, and we’ll randomly choose a winner on June 30. GOOD LUCK!

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