Animals on the Ballot in Four States This Election

Farm animal and wildlife protection measures come before voters in Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, and Oklahoma.

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This November, voters in Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, and Oklahoma who want to protect animals in their states can do so through the ballot process. Massachusetts will decide whether to ban battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates in the Bay State by 2022, while Montana voters will have a chance to outlaw wildlife trapping on public lands, and Oregonians can cast their ballots against illegal wildlife trafficking. While a “yes” vote on these three bills would make life better for animals, humane voters in Oklahoma will want to vote “no” on the deceptive “Right to Farm” measure. Agribusiness interests persuaded state senators to put this on the ballot in order to prohibit legislators and voters from passing any laws that would reform Oklahoma’s factory farms, puppy mills, and other business operations that exploit animals.

Photo courtesy of NBC News