Exhibit Opens in England to Show Importance of Bees

British tea company builds miniature bug resort to raise awareness of bee’s ecological importance and plight.

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A “hotel” for bees recently opened in Yorkshire, England to offer the winged beings a break from pollinating farmers’ crops. Created by tea company Taylors of Harrogate, the Grand Beedapest Hotel was inspired by the colorful 1930s-era resort where writer/director Wes Anderson set his 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel and features a Peppermint Leaf Swimming Pool, a Rose Lemon Restaurant, and a Sour Cherry Bedroom (where a Queen Bey portrait hangs). Taylors of Harrogate commissioned construction of the elaborately detailed miniature inn to raise awareness of the important role that bees play in agriculture. “Our teas need bees,” the company wrote on its website. “Without these buzzy little flavor creators, life would be very bland.”