Perdue Chickens Get Windows and Workouts

Perdue Chickens Get Windows and Workouts

Company to initiate welfare improvements that include better food, more rest, and video surveillance of transport.

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Perdue, one of the world’s largest poultry operations, announced this month its plans to improve the way it treats the chickens it raises for consumption. The plans, described in an online report, include giving birds access to natural sunlight by installing windows in 200 poultry houses by year’s end and building windows into all of its new poultry houses going forward. Perdue is also adding environmental enrichments to increase chickens’ ability to “play” and engage in physical activity, and testing electrical-stunning techniques that would render chickens unconscious before slaughter. Perdue is just one of many companies pursuing more humane husbandry practices in response to activist pressure and consumer demand.

Photo courtesy of Purdue

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