Sculptor Forms "Fresh Faces" from Fruits and Veggies

Sculptor Forms “Fresh Faces” from Fruits and Veggies

Photographs of human portraits made from organic produce capture plant-based people’s unique personalities.


Puerto Rican sculptor Zahydé Pietri’s plant-based edible art exhibit “Fresh Faces” recently won second prize at the International Photography Awards in the “Professional: Advertising, Food” category. The series of photographed sculptures presents portraits of human faces that are crafted entirely from organic fruit and vegetables such as grapes, raspberries, flowers, beets, potatoes, and mushrooms. “Fresh Faces” is currently being exhibited in Luchon, France as part of the “Luchon En Photo: Festival de la Photographie D’Art” and was previously shown at the School of New Resources at New Rochelle College, Rosa Parks Campus in Harlem. The photographs taken by Pietri’s artistic partner, Brooklyn-based Emily Dryden, bring out the vibrant color, detail, and distinctive spirit of each piece. The artists claim that all of their plant-based people have their own names and individual identities. “Inspired by the diversity of color and shape in nature,” Pietri says, “we created a cast of vibrant characters to reflect our observations. We sought to create unique personas for each piece by using fresh fruit, vegetables and botanicals.”

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