Supermodel Christie Brinkley: I'm an "Aspiring Vegan"

Supermodel Christie Brinkley: I’m an “Aspiring Vegan”

62-year-old says a healthy “vegetable-based diet” helps keep her skin looking fresh and youthful.

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In a recent People magazine profile, iconic supermodel Christie Brinkley revealed some of her beauty secrets—and a mostly plant-based diet is among them. “I try to be as vegan as I can be,” the 62-year-old fashionista said. While admitting to eating the occasional piece of Italian mozzarella cheese or small bit of salmon, Brinkley said “…other than that it’s a vegetable-based diet with lots of greens and quinoa and some couscous.” In her decades of professional modeling experience, Brinkley said, “You’ve gotta take care of yourself and share what you do so others can take care of themselves as well.” 

Photo courtesy of People magazine

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