Clinton Says Trump Has "Killed a Lot of Animals"

Clinton Says Trump Has “Killed a Lot of Animals”

Animal activists disrupt Democratic presidential nominee’s speech, at which point Clinton redirects their critique onto her opponent and his sons.

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At a political rally last week in Las Vegas, NV, animal-rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) disrupted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech by shouting and holding signs reading “Hurting Animals is not Progressive.” One activist jumped the barricades and headed toward the podium before being stopped by Secret Service Agents. Clinton responded, “We’ll keep talking, apparently these people are here to protest Trump, because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. So, thank you, for making that point,” before continuing with her speech. Clinton was referring to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s two adult sons, who are big-game hunters (Donald Trump is not known to hunt). However, DXE said they were there to critique Clinton, not her opponent. The group released a statement saying that “Clinton’s words on animals are contradictory. She says she supports animal rights while at the same time she and her running mate support an industry—animal agriculture—whose purpose is to kill them and deprive them of freedom.”

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