Ice Cream Shop Worker Creates Vegan Flavor

Ice Cream Shop Worker Creates Vegan Flavor

The Local Scoop in Cape Cod adds its first plant-based ice cream to the menu—and customers are raving.

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Cape Cod, MA ice cream shop The Local Scoop recently started selling its first vegan flavor (called PB Jungle), which was created by a server named Diana Jeronimo. The 20-year-old became an ethical vegan approximately a year ago after watching a Gary Yourofsky speech on YouTube. An ice cream lover, Jeronimo said, “Being vegan, you get tired of going into the shop and just having sorbet,” so she started gently encouraging the shop owner, Mary DeBartolo, to sell a dairy-free flavor. DeBartolo finally took her suggestion, but told Jeronimo to make the ice cream herself because The Local Scoop serves only housemade frozen desserts. “I don’t know the first thing about making ice cream,” Jeronimo said, but she did the necessary research and concocted PB Jungle out of coconut milk, unrefined cane sugar, banana extract, peanut butter, and candied walnuts. PB Jungle is selling well, so DeBartolo is hoping Jeronimo will create another flavor before the fall, when her server will move back to Boston and work at the vegan ice cream shop FoMu.

Photo courtesy of Diana Jeronimo

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