Thriller Fiction Trilogy Tackles Animal Rights

Thriller Fiction Trilogy Tackles Animal Rights

Heroine of Robin Lamont’s Kinship Series is an intrepid undercover animal protection investigator.

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Exposing animal abuse is the focus of vegan novelist Robin Lamont’s trio of suspense novels collectively called The Kinship Series. The stories follow an undercover investigator named Jude Brannock who works for an animal-rights organization called The Kinship. In the first book, The Chain, Brannock investigates a pig slaughterhouse, exposing both the animal and human suffering she discovers there. In The Trap (the second installment), Lamont throws her protagonist into the dark world of wildlife management, exposing how corporations and government agencies colluded to massacre “nuisance” species like wolves and coyotes. The third book, The Experiment, will be published next year and addresses the issue of animal experimentation.

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