Vegan Is Running a Marathon a Day for 45 Days

Vegan Is Running a Marathon a Day for 45 Days

Stuart Repon-Ness takes “The West Coast Challenge”—a 1,470-mile trek from Seattle to San Diego—to raise money for charities.

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Stuart Repon-Ness, a vegan British army veteran and father of four, is taking on what he calls “The West Coast Challenge”—a 1,447-mile, 45-day run from Seattle to San Diego’s Plant Power Fast Food restaurant. In other words, his plan is to run roughly the equivalent of a marathon every day for six weeks to raise money for veterans’ and children’s charities. Repon-Ness is looking forward to sampling the eats in Washington, Oregon, and California because “the West Coast of America is like the vegan capital of the world, so I won’t have any problems finding something to eat.” Repon-Ness started his run Saturday, and if all goes as planned, he’ll arrive in San Diego on September 12. You can follow his journey on his Facebook page and donate to his chosen charities through his website.

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