Wedding Guests Riot Over Not Being Served Meat

Wedding Guests Riot Over Not Being Served Meat

Bride calls marriage off after warring families throw punches, stones, and liquor bottles at each other for two hours.

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A large wedding party in India took a nasty turn when some of the groom’s family members started beating up members of the bride’s family because there was no meat being served at the celebration. This scuffle soon turned into a full-scale riot involving hundreds of guests at the Dhillon marriage palace in Pujab, where attendees threw punches, rocks, liquor bottles, and whatever they could find at one another for approximately two hours before police managed to restore order. Twelve seriously injured guests were taken to the hospital, where fighting continued. The bride has called off the arranged marriage, saying she prefers being “single rather than living in an uncivilized family whose members took drugs.” The groom’s family, however, blame the bridal party for starting the fight, with one member claiming, “We were serving our own liquor to our guests when relatives of the bride demanded liquor, which led to the incident. They attacked our relatives with weapons.” In this “he said, she said” situation, it remains unclear whether this brawl was started by meat or alcohol.

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