5 Vegan YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch

Sit back, relax, and spend an entire day with your favorite vegan YouTube stars.


If you’re anything like me, one of your guilty pleasures is watching a selection of videos from your favorite YouTube channels. Perfect after a long day at work, these videos are a great way to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it. Furthermore, YouTube videos can also be great learning tools, and no topic better exemplifies this than veganism. Plant-based YouTube videos—and their home channels—are the best way to learn about new happenings in the cruelty-free world because you’re getting information straight from fellow vegans. Whether you’re new to veganism or a seasoned veteran, here are five of our favorite YouTube channels that keep us entertained throughout the entire day … and, sometimes, the night.
1. Happy Healthy Vegan
Friendly, personable Southern California couple Anji Bee and Ryan Lum are two life-loving vegans who show the world how unrestricting a whole-food, plant-based diet can be. On their channel Happy Healthy Vegan, the duo often posts up to five videos per week that range from recipes such as vegan dim sum and Tuscan Kale Pilaf and nutritional information to documenting the unboxing of eccentric vegan snacks and products. Bee and Lum also known to visit vegan conventions, share industry news, and provide helpful insight to being vegan in special situations (like visiting the dentist). And once you get your binge on with their “Eating Challenges” and “What I Eat In A Day” videos, you’ll be clicking one video after the next.
2. Bite-Size Vegan
Resident vegan Emily Moran Barwick’s channel Bite Size Vegan supplies fact-based information that’s fun to watch and easy to understand. The “Is [This] Vegan?” video series delves into obscure products such as tattoos, silk, and even cigarettes. As great as the host is at conveying her plant-based perspective, Barwick is equally great at incorporating comedy into her videos, as the best part of her more than 350 videos is her sarcasm and demonstrated self-awareness (seen in “Going Vegan Fixes Everything & Makes Life Perfect” and “How New Vegans RUIN The New Year | Veganuary Fails”). In addition, Barwick’s interviews with well-known figures such as activist Gary Yourofsky and comedian Myq Kaplan and videos filmed at slaughterhouses offer an informative balance to more light-hearted clips.
3. The Vegan Zombie
Eight years in the making, the ultra-personable Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd from The Vegan Zombie demonstrate that veganism doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive for the average person. Some of the twosome’s most popular clips are their recipes for pizza, a breakfast burrito, and a Philly Cheesesteak. However, one of The Vegan Zombie’s staples is how to shop vegan on a budget. The hosts address the “vegan is too expensive” concern, often seeing them review vegan options at markets such Wegman’s and 365 by Whole Foods. Cooney and Tedd also love to visit various vegan expos and street fairs, sampling foods and reporting to their YouTube community in the form of vlogs and live streams. The channel promises a new video every week, meaning you have a new reason to binge-watch every seven days.
4. So You’re Dating a Vegan
Known collectively as So You’re Dating a Vegan, the lovable boyfriend-girlfriend vlogging team of Duncan Skiles and Liz Pierotti document their mixed-diet lifestyle as they cook, taste-test, and food-challenge themselves through life. The couple’s “Vegan Vacation” series is a must-see, as viewers watch the pair discover vegan food in cities such as Dublin, New York, Nashville, Paris, and New Orleans. Other standouts include the duo’s cooking episodes in which they invite nutritionists, new vegans, and other guests to sample dishes such as vegan ravioli, tofu ricotta pizza, Smoky Beet Reubens, and Chocolate Chunk Cookies. With more than 100 videos to peruse, this channel will keep you entertained for an entire weekend.
5. Nutrition Facts
For the very latest in nutrition research, Maryland-based doctor Michael Greger is a true YouTube highlight. Every year, Greger reads every issue of all English-language nutritional journals to make the world a more healthful place. One of Greger’s most famous accomplishments is his 2015 New York Times bestselling book, How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, and because Greger’s an impressive storyteller, his channel is one you could legitimately watch all day. The videos on his channel cover more than 2,000 health topics dealing with everything from how to treat asthma with nutrition, the best foods for people with an autoimmune disease, which types of seaweed might lower blood pressure, and how to stop hiccups.
Doug Beney, an ethical, health-conscious vegan, has been blogging since age 16 and fully vegan since age 17.

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