7 Vegan Memes That Pretty Much Say It All

7 Vegan Memes That Pretty Much Say It All

Every plant-based prince and princess should know that there is a meme out there that understands you.


It can be hard to be a vegan in an omnivore’s world. Sometimes we wish we could just sail away to a vegan island where everyone holds the same intrinsic values and understanding of compassion, the environment, and health as we do. Fortunately—in lieu of such extreme measures—there’s a digital escape where we can all access a sea of plant-munchers who are on the same page as us. Here are seven much needed memes that every vegan can relate to.


1. Every vegan is familiar with reading ingredients closely to make sure a product—even if it isn’t labeled with a certified vegan stamp—doesn’t contain any animal products. It’s always a great moment when we find a new accidentally vegan treat.

2. This is the dreaded question that haunts us at family gatherings and social engagements. No one seems to care about our protein intake until they find out we don’t ingest animal products, and then suddenly armageddon is around the corner if we aren’t eating exorbitant amounts of meaty burgers and greasy fast-food—never mind the cholesterol and heart disease implications.

3. Unfortunately, sharing the fact that we lead a plant-based lifestyle is sometimes perceived by others as a viable excuse to interrogate us about our day-to-day proceedings and even argue about them. Thankfully, this chill lemur is here to diffuse the situation.

4. We all know that feeling of excitement when we open our menu and we can have every single dish listed. Nevermind one vegan option; having a whole vegan menu is where it’s at. Sometimes there are so many choices we don’t know what to do with ourselves. This could take a while …

5. Milk gives you strong bones and makes you grow big and tall—if you are a baby cow. With the plant-based milk industry booming with options ranging from walnuts to peas—dairy-free is the way to be.

6. Yet another glorious aspect of veganism: no need to worry about ingesting salmonella from raw eggs. Baking is better when we can dig into our batter by the spoonful, because really, there’s not much in this world that’s more delicious than vegan cookie dough.

7. “I like bacon” isn’t the most compelling argument for not being vegan—particularly when there are countless vegan brands of cruelty-free salty, smoky bacon alternatives. On the other hand, saving the planet, the animals, increasing our health, and reducing exploitation in the world are some pretty strong reasons to lead a plant-based lifestyle.

Courtney Lodin, an editorial assistant for VegNews, is eternally grateful to the meme overlords for understanding her ups, downs, and internal monologues.