Meaty Vegan Shop Sister Seitan Opens in UK

New woman-owned restaurant Sister Seitan is slinging vegan chicken burgers and mac and cheese in Kent.


Vegan café Sister Seitan recently opened in the Folkestone parish of Kent, England. Founders Renata Brightman and Samantha Fairclough were inspired to start Sister Seitan—the name of which came to them through a dream—by non-vegan friends. “[It was] the joy of giving our omni neighbors seitan to try,” Brightman told VegNews, “then them knocking on the door 45 minutes later asking if we had any more. The pair make 97 percent of the eatery’s items in-house, including seitan-based chicken burgers and a special sauce featured in their mac and cheese. “We do a 100-percent plant-based secret recipe cheese sauce,” Brightman said. “No dairy, no chemicals, no weird additives.” In addition to seitan-based goods, Sister Seitan serves gluten-free chocolate brownies and vanilla cinnamon matcha doughnuts. “People enjoying our food and coming back for more is definitely a driving factor for Sister Seitan,” Brightman said.