Vegan Shoe Brand No One’s Skin Debuts in London

The new footwear brand aims to eliminate the pollution caused by the animal-based leather industry with comparable, vegan alternatives.


New London-based vegan luxury brand No One’s Skin, recently launched a line of animal-free shoes made from plants and recycled plastic bottles. No One’s Skin was founded by designer Ivana Basilotta on the principle that fur and leather are arcane products that should stay in the past. “I have been [a] vegetarian-turned-vegan and designer for most of my life,” Basilotta told VegNews. “The desire to create a vegan shoe and accessories collection came to me naturally at an early age, but it took me several years for my vision to become a reality.” Basilotta aims to use her role as a designer to make the fashion industry’s relationship with animal welfare and the environment. Specifically, she focuses on eliminating the pollution caused by animal-based leather and the chromium used to tan it—a chemical that which into and poisons nearby rivers and other bodies of water, thus becoming a major risk to human health. “The environment should not have to suffer the waste and pollution heaped on it by the leather manufacturing industry and from intensive livestock farming,” Basilotta said. “One can still have all the luxury that one desires, but now without the compromise.” The collection includes styles such as pumps, kitten heels, wedges, ankle sandals, and boots, of varying shades and heel sizes. “When you have a true passion for a project,” Basilotta advised fellow designers who may be looking to start their own vegan, fur- and leather-free lines, “nothing is impossible.”

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