Soap Brand Debuts Vegan Jurassic Park Skincare Line

The pure minerals in RAD Soap’s Jurassic Muds were hidden for 200 million years.


Vegetarian brand RAD Soap Co., a company focused on plant-based body and beauty products, launched a Jurassic Park-inspired vegan mask and mud ($15) made with minerals from a 200 million-year-old deposit. believed to have originated from the Jurassic period. The Jurassic Muds come in two varieties: vanilla-scented Blue and sandalwood-scented Indoraptor—named after dinosaur characters in the recent Jurassic World. “I think it’s a great way of bringing exposure to RAD Soap on the national scale,” said co-founder Max Kerber of his collaboration with Universal—the studio behind the Jurassic Park series—to produce the products. RAD Soap is looking to continue collaborating with Universal to create more innovative products in the future.

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