7 Pampering Vegan Products That Say “I Love You, Mom”

This Mother’s Day, say thanks to your mom by creating a relaxing environment that is ethical, cruelty-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Mothers nurture, praise, protect, and sacrifice for us, so, this Mother’s Day, let’s return the favor by giving them gifts they would never get for themselves. Sure, these gifts can be lavish trips to foreign countries or dinner at the world’s best vegan restaurant, but not all presents need to cost a month’s salary. Instead, consider creating the perfect sanctuary for your mom in her home. To accomplish this, we’re focusing only on bedrooms, as these areas of the home are ideal pampering stations. Here’s what you’ll need to create the perfect mom sanctuary for Mother’s Day.

1. Back support
Both physically and mentally, moms lift, carry, and support the weight of their families. So, to help them relax, we recommend soft yet firm, non-allergic, and cruelty-free pillows from Nest Pillows. Even better? They’re made in the USA!

2. Reading pillows
Many moms enjoy reading in bed, but many forget that a pillow alone, while in a reading position, is not ideal for our bodies. To remedy this, get mom a reading pillow to place in front of her sleeping pillow. This one from mittaGonG is ideal because the cover comes off for cleaning, which many pillow covers don’t do. This gift also has a handle at the top so mom can take her reading pillow wherever she enjoys a good book.

3. Work surface
Does your mom enjoying working from her bed? If so, this bamboo lap desk is for her. We love the fact that the front design is made for ventilation, but the inclusion of the flower design means she can leave it on the bed during the day for a functional and visually appealing design element.

4. Sheets
Moms deserve luxurious sheets on which to sleep, which is why we suggest these white sheets from Zen Bamboo. Made from a blend of microfiber and bamboo, these sheets are soft, durable, and wash well. Our guess? She’ll love them!

5. Bed cover
For those moms are a bit cooler than the average person, we can’t get enough of this fringed white duvet bed cover made with 100-percent cotton.

6. Accessories
Crystals are all the rage, and why shouldn’t they be? They’re beautiful, they play with light, and they are said to have positive energy. We’re certain your mom loves all of those reasons, so get her these purple crystals, which can be placed on her bedside table to bring her a smile. Purple, by the way, is one of 2018’s trending colors.

7. A good read
There are endless books to read, but we always prefer a story that is beautiful, inspiring, and thoughtful. We Animals is a book that has more than 1,000 images of animals taken during a 10-year period by award-winning photographer JoAnne McArthur. The cover is mesmerizing, while the book’s contents will make for engaging conversation starters for years to come.

Deborah DiMare is the founder of a 100-percent vegan luxury interior design company DiMare Design and VeganDesign.org, a resource for shopping vegan furniture and learning about the emerging world of vegan interior design.

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