“The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan provides a refreshing perspective on how to get animal products out of your diet and embrace a life that is in line with your values. If you’re curious about veganism, start right here.”
—Joaquin Phoenix

Millions of people worldwide are more interested than ever in trying veganism on for size (whether full-throttle or just on Mondays), and The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re looking for recipes, style tips, or fitness advice, this all-in-one, superpractical 256-page book has everything you need to look good, feel good, and do good in 30 days—complete with our favorite recipes. Already vegan? We’ll help you be even more fabulous than you already are … as if that’s even possible.

With 30 chapters (broken into daily topics) covering everything from that inevitable where-do-you-get-your-protein question (spoiler alert: everywhere) to the best dairy-free cheese on the market, we show you how to be healthy, meat-free, and, yes, fabulous. Plus, every chapter ends with a delectable, tried-and-true recipe from the VegNews team.

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“I only wish I had this book when I started eating plant-based! Whether you’re ready to make a change in your life or just leaning into this wonderful, conscientious, ethical, and delicious diet, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan is a must-read.”
—Daisy Fuentes, TV Host and Entrepreneur

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan:
Chapter 2Ah, The Protein Question (+ BBQ Oyster Mushroom Sliders)
Chapter 4Big Fat Vegan Breakfast (+ Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Boats)
Chapter 7Vegan Food: It’s Everywhere! (+ Chinese Vegetable Tofu Fried Rice)
Chapter 9For All the Salad-Haters (+ Best Ever Mac & Cheese)
Chapter 10Vegan ≠ Ugly Plastic Shoes (+ Boeuf Bourguignon)
Chapter 24It’s Okay To Be a Terrible Cook (+ Two-Step Vegan Biscuits)
Chapter 26Vegans Get Laid, Too (+ Chocolate Chile Truffles)


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The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan is my new vegan bible!”
—Mena Suvari, Actor
“As a dedicated vegan and parent to vegan children, VegNews has long been a staple in my life. VegNews editor Jasmin Singer takes the approachable, fun, delicious, and meaningful experience that is VegNews and folded it into this incredible book—which is the only book you need to own if you are vegan or even just vegan-curious. I can’t wait to send this to everyone (vegan and non-vegan) I know.”
—Mayim Bialik, Actor and Bestselling Author


The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan also makes the perfect gift! Consider giving a copy to everyone you know who wants to eat healthier, feel great, and do something good for the planet. Okay, that sounds like everyone we know!


“From making sure your mascara wasn’t tested on bunnies to figuring out what to eat for breakfast to getting a grasp on the role animal agriculture has on the environment (and what you can do about it), The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan is the book I’ll be giving to new and seasoned vegan friends alike!”
—Evanna Lynch, Actor
“After reading The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, your life will never be the same.”
—Daniella Monet, Actress and Influencer

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