Wedding Party Favors

VegNews’ 2010 wedding couples share their secrets to crafting the perfect party favor.

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Party favors have gotten a bad rap for being wasteful, wacky, and, yes, sometimes tacky, but they needn’t be. Think of your favors as an opportunity to share your creativity as a couple with your guests in a lasting way. 

Cups with a Conscience
Making their place settings do double duty, Leslie and Jason chose glasses from Farm Sanctuary that briefly introduced the animal organization. The guests got to take home the glasses, as well as the message that the animal industry need not be a part of any meal.

Make a Mean Green ‘Zine
Traci and Patrick put on their writing caps and shared their favorite recipes and eco-living tips with their guests in a detailed DIY ’zine. You can use this forum to spread the good word about going vegan, the story of how you met and fell in love, or whatever else you want to share with your guests.

Use Your Artistic License
Danielle and Matthew made the most of their artistic talents, creating original photographs and paintings for each of their guests. Even if your middle name is not Picasso, guests are sure to appreciate something you made yourself. How about handing out jars with the dry ingredients and a handwritten recipe for your favorite vegan cookies?

Sowing the Seeds of Love
Heidi and Dennis handed out herb (sage, that is) in packets that Dennis designed. Doling out seeds or plants is a simple way to help everyone breathe a little easier and remember your wedding for years to come.

Meet all of our 2010 Vegan Wedding Couples:

Sadaf Hussain & Brandon Juhl (Mercer Island, Wash.)
Traci Medeiros & Patrick Bagan (Riverside, Calif.)
Heidi Grosskamp & Dennis Crean (Redwood Valley, Calif.)
Kathryn Fangsrud & Steven Carpenter (Guanajuato, Mexico)
Emily Shapiro & Matt Pascarella (Brooklyn, NY)
Candy Tolentino & Josh Black (Beverly Hills, Calif.)
Leslie Ramos & Jason Carmona (Austin, Texas)
Danielle Distefano & Matthew Miller (New York City, NY)

For a complete list of caterers, dressmakers, and photographers from each of this year’s wedding couples, visit our 2010 Guide to Vegan Weddings.

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