Beat the Heat With These 7 Ice-Cold Vegan Brews

Enjoy breezy summer nights with these tasty, refreshing vegan beers.


There’s nothing better than a crisp, chilled drink to cool you down on a hot summer day. VN shares some of the best seasonal beers there are to offer, plus a few that provide sensational summer taste year-round.

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1. Purple Haze (Abita Beer, Abita Springs, LA)
Enjoy the light, refreshing taste of this rasberry-infused beer year-round. This brew, made in small batches in a brewery 30 miles north of New Orleans, uses real raspberries to create a fruity aroma, sweet and tart taste, and to give this beer it’s famous purple coloring. This is a great anytime beer, wonderful alone or with summertime fare. 


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2. Allagash White (Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, ME)
This traditional Belgian-style brew is bottle-conditioned, which means yeast and a little bit of sugar are added after the beer is bottled. The resulting fermentation leads to natural carbonation and added tastiness. Coriander and curaçao orange peel create the fruity taste of this year-round brew.


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3. ZŌN (Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO)
Flemish for “sun,” this seasonal selection is a Belgian-style witbier, or white beer. The light body and mild taste are prefect for pairing with veggie burgers and hot dogs (and a handful of potato chips, while you’re at it). Brewed by Missouri’s largest independent brewery, the ZŌN won the gold medal for Belgian-style witbier at the 2014 Great American Beer Fest.

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4. India Pale Ale (Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA)
First brewed in founder Tony Magee’s storage shed in the small town of Forest Knolls, CA, this India Pale Ale is made with 43 different hops and 65 malts. Known for its complex and intense flavor, this classic ale brings a refreshing summer taste perfect for cooling down while catching some rays. 

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5. ACE Pineapple Cider (ACE Cider, Sebastopol, CA)
The first family-owned cider company in the US, ACE cider makes their refreshing, fruit-forward cider in Sonoma County, CA. Their unique, one-of-a-kind Pineapple Cider makes for tart, summertime drink best enjoyed poolside with some vegan backyard barbecue (quarantine-style, of course!). 


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6. Summer Pils (Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston, TX)
Texas’ oldest craft brewery can do no wrong when it comes to beer—its seasonal selections are so popular they don’t even make it onto grocery store shelves. Their Summer Pils uses hops imported from the Czech Republic and malt from Germany, which create a sweet, delicate, drink-at-anytime flavor available from April to August.

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7. Samuel Adams Summer Ale (The Boston Beer Company, Boston, MA)
The seasonal selection from one of America’s best-known breweries is a grocery-store staple to grab for any summer moment. The not-so-secret ingredient? Grains of Paradise, a rare African pepper. Wheat and lemon peel are added to the brew, resulting in a pint that is nothing short of addicting.

Want even more ideas? Check out Barnivore. Packed with hundreds of breweries, wineries, and distilleries, this handy site will take the guesswork out of choosing a vegan pint (or two). Cheers!

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