Vegan Beyond Burger Now at All 38 Bareburger Locations

Beyond Meat has sold 11 million Beyond Burgers since its launch in 2016.


National burger chain Bareburger added the Beyond Burger this week to all of its 38 locations. The chain serves the burger with vegan American cheese, sweet pickles, red onion, green-leaf lettuce, and special sauce on a brioche bun, and customers can make the dish vegan by ordering with a multigrain bun and omitting the special sauce. In January, Bareburger added the Beyond Burger to its 12 locations in Manhattan, NY and expanded the offering to satisfy consumer demand. To discuss the menu update, Bareburger held a panel—attended by Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, Bareburger Culinary Director Jonathan Lemon, and Chief International Officer Savvas Xanthos (aka Dr. X)—at the restaurant’s LaGuardia Place location in Manhattan. According to Lemon, Bareburger replaced “exotic meats”—such as elk, lamb, and bison—with plant-based burgers and said that customers are satisfied with these changes. During the discussion, Brown shared that since its launch in 2016, Beyond Meat has sold more than 11 million Beyond Burgers and that over the 4th of July weekend, the highest sales of the Beyond Burger were in Omaha, NE. In an effort to continue displacing meat on menus worldwide, Brown intends to improve the formula of the Beyond Burger, and the newly launched Beyond Sausage to include rice and fava bean proteins, and plans to release the new versions of these products in the summer. Bareburger is also continuing to innovate its vegan options with the opening of its first all-vegan Bareburger in Manhattan this year.

Michael Suchman is one half of Vegan Mos and co-author of NYC Vegan: Iconic Recipes For a Taste of the Big Apple, which is available online and in most major bookstores.