Mother-Daughter Duo Create New Vegan Handbags

The Mother’s Day-worthy colorful vegan bags feature hand-painted designs.


Mother-and-daughter team Megan and Aroon Duncanson recently created vegan handbag brand Livin’ the MAD Life. The Duncansons launched MAD—a name derived from the duo’s initials—with the mission of empowering women with cruelty-free fashion choices. Megan Duncanson, a survivor of domestic abuse, began painting handbags as a personal hobby but soon attracted interest from family, friends, and potential buyers. “Our products are made from polyurethane leather, faux leather,” Aroon Duncanson said. “The handles, the hardware, everything—none of it comes from animal products.” The line fits various tastes and budgets—with bags ranging in price from $176 to $1,200— and collections feature original art with colorful designs. “I know there’s plenty of mother-daughters out there [to whom] the idea of something being created by a mother-daughter duo is just so intriguing,” Aroon Duncanson said. “It has a lot more meaning. It makes it more special.”

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