These days, I’m in the mood to #resist—and since part of that resistance means being even louder and prouder about my gayness than ever before, I’m ready to queer anything that crosses my path, including Valentine’s Day. Are you with me? Then here’s what I suggest:

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1. Gay vegan music
Set the mood with music. As a child of the ’80s, I strongly believe that those tunes should take the form of queer vegan rocker Joan Jett—your perfect (and perfectly hot) V-Day serenader. While it’s true that “I Love Rock and Roll,” what I might love more is Jett’s commitment to the cause, which leaves me very much in the mood (for philanthropy, that is).

2. Gay vegan chocolate
Chocolate is obviously mandatory on Valentine’s Day, so I recommend queering it up by biting into a Furious Vulva made by artisanal vegan chocolate-maker Lagusta’s Luscious. And there’s really nothing more I need to say about that.

3. Gay vegan dining
No, but really, there’s nothing I love more on Valentine’s Day than eating out but this year, I’m opting for takeout from my local queer-owned vegan eateries. That’s why I recommend that you find your favorite. Some possibilities for rainbow veggie destinations offering takeout include Two Mammas Vegan Kitchen in Oakland, CA; Vtopia Restaurant and Cheese Shop in Portland, OR; and Viva Vegeria in San Antonio, TX. Support your local plant-based queer.

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4. Gay vegan ice cream
If you’re like me, you’re a gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body, so after you’re done belting the entire soundtrack to anything-Sondheim, you might want to treat yourself to some Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream by VegNews Bloggy Award Winner Vegan Mos. Headed by dapper husbands Michael Suchman and Ethan Ciment, you’ll fall in love with this duo’s talent to make food delicious, luscious, and sexy.

5. Gay vegan ethics
Speaking of “the Mos,” they are main players in a video I produced called “Coming Out for Animals,” which captures the stories of how LGBTQ activists have made the connection to animal-rights. It’s a different-spoke, same-wheel kinda thing—you catch my drift. Animal-rights and LGBTQ rights are actually intimately enmeshed, which is a reminder to each of us to celebrate our love for V-Day by showing solidarity for other oppressed groups.

6. Gay vegan sex
Right. And no Valentine’s Day is successfully queered without a rainbow flogger. Rest assured that nobody was harmed in the making of that sexiness (unless they wanted to be).

Jasmin Singer is the Editor-At-Large (and love columnist) for VegNews, the author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, The VegNews Guide to Being A Fabulous Vegan, and the co-host of the Our Hen House podcast.

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