Are you ready for a new, energized version of yourself? Fantastic! Then it’s time to set your alarm earlier and get a head start on your days, with a brand-new morning ritual for a whole new you. Implementing a morning ritual may be the secret sauce you’ve been missing in your life. Not only is the morning the most propitious time to set yourself up for success, but for most of us, it’s the only moment of calm before the avalanche of to-dos takes over. Get your morning off to a feel-good start by implementing these 4 easy-peasy rituals, and watch your life get better one morning at a time.


1 Tongue-scraping transformation

We’re going to go a ‘lil ayurvedic on you here. The easiest way to give yourself a clean slate in the morning is by tongue-scraping. Lauded for its uncanny ability to make you feel fresher than ever, as well as for cleansing your tastebuds of all the toxic gunk that your body metabolizes during the night, tongue-scraping alone could change your life. Once you start, you’ll be hooked. Find a tongue scraper here. This life-changing ritual only takes 10 seconds!

2 Early morning energy

Food is energy. If you want to feel energized, eat high vitality foods, such as leafy greens. By filling yourself up with optimal nutrition from the get-go, you’re going to have more get up and go each day. The morning is the most auspicious time to get the green party started because by beginning your day with foods that balance you, you’re setting yourself on a path of self-care for the rest of the day. So get that juicer whirring and that blender mixing, and pack as many cleansing and fortifying greens into your mornings as possible. To get that green glow started, try a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie or a Super Green Juice. More greens = fewer slumps in energy, and fewer cravings for torpor-inducing junk food snacks.

3 The magic 15-minute workout

Exercise is a satisfying check-in with your body that will set you up for an energetic and positive day. All it takes is around 15 minutes and a YouTube video. In just 15 minutes, you can get your heart pumping and re-oxygenate your blood. Plus, nothing beats that satisfying feeling of knowing you’ve already done your exercise for the day, so you’re not mentally plagued by the looming question of whether or not you’ll go to the gym after work. Instead—good news!—you can go home and whip up a fabulous, healthy, vegan dinner! Plus, when you exercise at home, you can wear your pajamas (score!).

4 Meditation’s simple serenity

We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation, and yet, it is so hard for so many of us to just begin meditating! If you struggle getting started, try the “inner smile” technique. It’s a practical and easy way to get you feeling zen and happy in no time. Here’s how to do it: Close your eyes. Begin by taking a deep breath in, and gently smiling with your lips, just enough to relax all the muscles of your face, à la Mona Lisa. Breathe in and out, and imagine your breath giving your internal organs a gentle massage. Exhale gently and fully, while continuing to feel the positive effects of the interior massage. After a few calming deep in-and-out breaths, turn your smile inward, and imagine placing that smile in the depths of your belly, creating a ripple effect of relaxation and ease in your body. This practice can be as short as a couple of minutes, or as long as 15 minutes. Carry this inner smile with you as you go on with your day, and watch as you progress consistently in happiness and productivity.

Achieving what you want in life is always the result of practicing powerful daily habits that are easy to do, and easy not to do. A daily ritual, including all of the above and more, will set you up for a more meaningful day, and hence a more energized and radiant life. To find out more about the radical daily ritual that is changing lives, check out this video. Remember: a healthy dose of vitality and self-esteem feels all kinds of awesome.

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