Cleveland Chef Debuts Bitchy Vegan Homo Cooking Show

The new YouTube cooking series by chef Dave Huffman blends campy comedy with various vegan recipes.


Cleveland, OH-based chef Dave Huffman recently launched vegan cooking show Bitchy Vegan Homo. “The name came from one of my best friends who called me a ‘bitchy vegan homo’ while I was making him dinner,” Huffman told VegNews. “I decided to own that title both figuratively and literally.” The pilot episode of Bitchy Vegan Homo aims to blend humor and well-thought out vegan recipes. “I hope that people will tune in and be entertained,” Huffman said, “but ultimately I want them to make my recipes because they are really good.” In the pilot, Huffman—who plans to release a new episode every week—prepared vegan macaroni and cheese with Matt Fish, the owner of Melt Bar & Grilled. “I just want people to cook and convince their non-veg friends that vegan food is delicious and [that] there is no reason to eat an animal.” In addition to producing Bitchy Vegan Homo, Huffman will appear at the upcoming VegFest in Cleveland, where he will be hosting a live-cooking session entitled “Party Food Tips from the Self-Proclaimed World’s Best Host.”