16 Drinks to Warm Your Winter

Preview spring’s upcoming warmth with these delicious and toasty drinks.


Even though the worst of winter’s freezing temps and snowstorms are behind us, summer’s warmth is still months away. While most can’t swing a trip to the Caribbean, you can still combat the chilly blues with cups full of toasty drinks. Whether you’re looking for a hot mug of vegan cocoa or some spiked coffee, these vegan beverages will keep you defrosted until the weather outside compiles.

Chocolate-Filled Cups
A known aphrodisiac and superfood, chocolate is sure to heal whatever ails you—not to mention it’s completely delicious. Original Hot Chocolate is always a great classic, but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, both Decadent Hot Chocolate with Almonds and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate combine delectable nutty flavors with smooth, sweet chocolate. Or why not spice up your cup (literally)? South of the Border Hot Chocolate boosts chocolate’s flavors with kicks of cinnamon and nutmeg. Raw-food lovers can join the bandwagon too—this recipe for “Raw” Hot Chocolate combines cacao nibs and agave nectar. Don’t forget the vegan marshmallows! Grab a bag or make your own at home.

Boozy Brews
Sometimes you need an extra shot to warm up cold toes, blast winter blues, or celebrate a snowdrift that’s finally melting. Fill a glass with classic Hot Buttered Rum or try German Glühwein, a mulled wine infused with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, and citrus. Travel up the European continent to Ireland while you’re at it, and partake in some delicious Irish Coffee, spiked with smooth Vegan Bailey’s. If you’re just looking to up the coffee ante, make your own coffee liqueur or pumpkin spice-infused vodka for traditional wintery flavors with a kick.

Coffee Concoctions
Coffee is a staple for chilly mornings, late evenings, and every moment in between. A steaming cup of Turkish Coffee is perfect for sub-zero days—all it needs is a good creamer. Some of our favorites are coconut milk- and soymilk-based, lending additional flavor and a thick texture. Many options exist that are sure to please your coffee-drinking palate. After four straight days of being snowed in, however, regular coffee might not cut it. To change things up, whip up a latte at home: Pumpkin Lattes offer cold-weather comfort in a cup, and a Vanilla Chic Latte using chicory instead of coffee is sure to rouse your taste buds from hibernation.

Cider to a Tea
Light, tasty, and of-the-season, cider and tea are a great addition to cozy afternoons by the fire. Take advantage of cold-weather flavors with Mulled Cran-Apple Cider, or add an Indian flair with Chai-Spiced Cider. When it comes to tea, there are myriad options for your mug: decaffeinated and caffeinated, green and white, spiced and simple. Try Hot Ginger Tea to fight winter flus, Spicy Chai Tea to go along with a book and blanket, or travel the world in front of a fire with black tea-based Sweet Spiced Indian Tea or Russian Tea, which uses pineapple juice and cloves.

Whether fighting the cold, a cold, or cold feelings (why don’t you live in Florida, again?), coffee, cider, (spiked) chocolate, and more offer plenty of warm drinks to get you through March. Cheers to spring!