These days, vegans can always find something to eat—no matter where we are in the world. For the self-proclaimed “foodie,” there is a difference between finding something to eat and truly enjoying a quality vegan meal. Copenhagen may not be especially known for its vegan restaurants (yet), but these five vegan-friendly establishments will have you packing your luggage within the hour.

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1. Souls
For an award-winning dining experience, you have to go to Souls. This plant-based bistro has been named Best Up-and-Coming Restaurant and Most Sustainable Restaurant by the Danish Takeaway Awards, and Best Vegan Restaurant in Copenhagen by the Berlingske’s City’s Best Awards. The food isn’t your traditional Danish fare (the business is owned and operated by two Aussies), so expect to find comfort food such as burgers, a chili bowl, and perfectly prepared roasted vegetables. The all-day menu is reasonably priced and set within a relaxed-yet-polished atmosphere. With two convenient locations within Copenhagen, there’s no excuse not to check this place out. 

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2. Morgenstedet
Morgenstedet is a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options on its menu. While the restaurant’s name translates to “the morning place,” this volunteer-run cafe is open all day. The menu changes depending on what the kitchen has on hand, but one can always rely on its satisfying salads made with vibrant produce, soothing scratch-made soups, and vibrant vegetable sides. On any given day of the week, expect a creamy carrot soup paired with an herby chickpea salad, pickled red cabbage, and a generous hunk of freshly made bread. The café is located steps away from the free community of Christiania—where marijuana is sold and consumed legally. If that floats your boat, Morgenstedet is a great place to cure a case of the healthy munchies. 

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3. Cafe Kaf
As a tourist (or even a local), one must abide by the unwritten rule that one must eat a danish in Denmark. Going without would be akin to refusing a croissant in France or abstaining from pizza in Italy. Fortunately, Denmark’s first and only vegan pastry shop has mastered this buttery, flaky treat—along with an abundance of other mouthwatering goodies. Stock up on various flavors of vegan croissants, cheesecakes, cakes, and of course, the danishes. Can’t decide? Local favorites include the Turtle Cheesecake, cream-filled spandauers (a Danish pastry), and classic plain croissants. The bakery also provides an identical list of these pastries on their gluten-free menu so no one is left out. 

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4. Urten
For a candle-lit dining experience, Urten is the go-to vegan option. The entirely plant-based, high-end restaurant prides itself on its seasonally driven and organic menu made with locally sourced ingredients. The ever-changing menu draws inspiration from global cuisine—current offerings include a Thai soup starter, a vegetable paella entrée, and a vanilla pannacotta for dessert. Make your reservations along with your plane ticket as tables fill up fast.  

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5. Plant Power Food
Don’t be surprised if you spot an influencer or two at this vegetable-driven, gourmet restaurant—the place is a hotspot for Instagram celebrities both vegan and non-vegan alike. The perfectly plated dishes are always vegan, oil-free, and designed with the idea that everyone eats with their eyes. Given that Plant Power Food is an entirely zero-waste establishment, the menu incorporates every component of a vegetable—from the truffle-dusted creamy pumpkin pasta to the sweet potato-and-cress-filled ricepaper dumplings. No matter what you order, you’re guaranteed a unique dining experience that is next-level. 

Gustav Hassert is the chief editor of, a website that delivers guides and answers to vegan and vegetarian questions.

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