The Ultimate Vegan Spring Picnic

Gorgeous warm weather makes spring the perfect season to plan a lovely plant-based picnic.


During the chilly winter months, it’s easy to fall into a comfy indoor routine. But now that spring is here, it’s time to get off the couch and enjoy the change to warm weather. An easy way to ease back into the great outdoors is by simply trading said couch for a plaid picnic blanket. Whether planning an al fresco affair for two or a daytrip for the whole family, picnics are a guaranteed way to perk up springtime afternoons. With VN’s top three ways to plan the perfect vegan picnic, you’re sure to dazzle family and friends—furry and otherwise.

Classic Cookout
From lakeside weekend barbecues to Sunday afternoon cookouts, picnics are a classic way to celebrate great weather and even greater company. A well-rounded menu is key for throwing an unforgettable VBQ bash. Barbecue standards such as jumbo hot dogs, burgers, and bratwursts are easily replaced with tasty meat-free alternatives. Yves Veggie Cuisine offers a variety of cruelty-free franks and brats, as well as plant-based burgers and chicken patties. Expand your menu even more by offering guests a selection of zesty, savory vegan sausages. Field Roast’s sausages are made with wheat, veggies, and seeds, and available in Italian, Mexican Chipotle, and Smoked Apple Sage flavors. Complement your meat-free mains by grilling them alongside corn-on-the-cob and veggie kebobs loaded with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and broccoli. Paired with fruit or bean salad and a cooler full of popsicles and lemonade, guests won’t be able to decide between passing the football around or passing their plates for seconds.

Gourmet Getaway
A picnic date for two might sound cliché, but it can also be classic and fun-especially when centered around vegan food. For a plant-based take on this first-date standard, stock your picnic basket full of vegan-friendly Dr. Cow cheese. From Cashew Nut Cream Cheese to Aged Macadamia, Dr. Cow’s cruelty-free, spreadable cheeses are the perfect companion for crackers and crostinis. Instead of buying a baguette from the grocery store, pack a loaf of soft, freshly baked homemade French Bread. For the perfect accompaniment to your carb and cheese snack, don’t forget to pack a bottle of vegan wine or champagne. Round out the elegant picnic spread with crunchy crudités, olives, and spicy veggie dip. For dessert, keep it simple with fruits such as strawberries and cherries—chocolate sauce is optional, but delicious.

Critter Company
The best part of spending an afternoon outside is that companion animals can join the fun. For delectable vegan dog treats, try the puppy-approved offerings from Zuke’s Superfood Dog Biscuits or Max & Ruffy’s Wolf Peach and Herb Biscuits. Once canine cravings are quelled, throw around a Frisbee or tennis ball with your furry friends, or get extra fancy and buy Fido a Bumi dog toy from West Paw Design.