Tribe Pizza Hummus

Combining two ultimate comfort foods, Tribe’s pizza hummus prepares for snack-time domination.

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Inject some excitement into your favorite snacking stand-by with Tribe’s brand-new, flavorful, and utterly addicting Pizza Hummus. Sound strange? We thought this might be the hummus equivalent of a Hot Pocket, but then we sampled the masterful blend of tomato, garlic, and a mix of mystery spices. Each bite tasted just like pizza. Befuddled as we were at the amazing replicated flavor, we never stopped exploring the numerous snacking possibilities: with fresh veggies, atop crostini, or even center-stage on mini tortilla “pizzas.” Fun, tasty, and of course vegan-friendly (like all 16 flavors of Tribe), the unlikely pairing of pizza and hummus earns our taste buds’ approval.

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