Vanilla Coconut Milk

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Coconut Milk Beverage adds some sweet island flair to your cereal, coffee, or smoothie.

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Is coconut the new hemp or almond, shape-shifting into every delicious incarnation possible? No longer synonymous with the super-heavy stuff in dented cans, coconut milk seems to be popping up in more versatile, tasty forms every day. Bargain grocer extraordinaire Trader Joe’s has just come out with a fridge-friendly carton version in unsweetened or vanilla flavors, both of which have been big hits at the VNHQ. It’s thicker and more filling than other non-dairy milks, but actually has fewer calories per cup than most soymilks in spite of coconut’s fattening reputation. Even better, you get the taste of tropical paradise with every sip. We like that.

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