Vegan Weddings 2014: Laura Robeson & Danielle Davis

Our 2014 wedding couples tied the knot with style, compassion, and great vegan food.

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Wedding place: Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY
Wedding night: The Ginger Cat B&B

Laura & Danielle’s love story …
The beauty of social media is responsible for Laura and Dani meeting—and it didn’t take long after chatting virtually for their love connection to really happen. They were friends instantly but knew there was more chemistry. After a while, Dani admitted to Laura that she had deeper feelings, and the relationship went to the next level. Both women were vegan already so dietary transformation wasn’t an issue; the problem was a separation of several states. Dani lived in Nebraska and Laura in Ohio. After the long-distance relationship became bothersome, Dani moved to Ohio and the two began volunteering at Sunrise Sanctuary, a farmed animal sanctuary in Marysville. Eight months later, Dani felt it was time to propose and wanted to pop the question in a meaningful place. Dani told Laura they needed to visit the sanctuary, and after greeting all the animals, Dani got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry her. The big moment was witnessed by a head-butting goat and a wise, old donkey, who nudged Dani in the back while she was trying to kneel. Once engaged, they decided to move (Ohio does not recognize same-sex marriage) to Washington state, a more accepting jurisdiction.

The big day …
Since both women are introverts, they chose not to have human guests at their wedding. Instead, they invited all of the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. The only people in attendance were the owner of the B&B where they were staying and their wedding officiant. As the four people walked past the sheep and goat barn, every single rescue walked out of the shelter and followed them, looking on as the two women were legally joined. After the ceremony, the newlyweds toured the farm; their favorite spot was the “special needs” cow pasture, where they sat with a newly rescued calf, Michael, petting him as he fell asleep with his head on Dani’s dress. The couple also hung out with the goat Delilah and her babies, who were the lucky recipients of their all-veggie (kale, carrots, chive flowers, and lettuce) bouquet and boutonnière.

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