14 Must-Have Vegan Travel Accessories

Professional globetrotter Carolyn Scott-Hamilton shares 14 items she won’t leave home without.


As a frequent traveler, I keep a bag half-packed at all times. Most of what’s in my suitcase are my travel essentials, which allows me to toss in my clothes and leave whenever a trip calls. However, this process didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I spent years traversing the globe before I was able to streamline only what I needed instead of packing the entire house. And because of my years of travel experience, I’m able to share my healthy, vegan, and eco-friendly must-haves so you don’t have to lug deadweight through airports, train stations, and hotels. Bon voyage!

To-Go Ware
Packing your own set of reusable utensils is a great way to eat on the go without ruining the planet with disposable stuff. Whether it’s To-Go Ware’s utensils or containers, you’ll always be prepared and won’t go hungry while sightseeing. The bamboo utensil sets come in several varieties that include chopsticks, forks, spoons, and knives, while the containers come in both singles and stackables to pack everything from snacks to a full meal.
Green Powder
Eating well while traveling is difficult, and getting your five servings of vegetables can be nearly impossible. However, with Amazing Grass—a vegan green superfood powder—we can get our fill of fruit and vegetables while boosting our immune systems and energy levels to help stay alert for long sightseeing days.
LifeFactory Water Bottle
In addition to saving the environment, LifeFactory’s silicone-sleeved, wide-mouth bottle keeps users hydrated while saving money by not having to buy expensive airport water. Glass is the best container for beverages, as it’s non-toxic and non-leaching, while the wide mouth allows for easier cleaning. The bottle also gives the option to add in tasty fruit or herbs for extra flavor and hydration.
Ultimate Flora Probiotic
From hopping time zones to eating bad food, traveling can mess up your stomach, which is why staying regular and boosting your immune system with a good probiotic is important. With several varieties from 15 billion to 70 billion active strains, Ultimate Flora helps achieve a healthy digestive tract no matter how jet lagged or full of awful airport food you get. Plus, they’re shelf stable so you don’t have to worry about refrigeration.

Bamboo Sleep Mask
When it comes to getting good sleep on a plane, an eye mask is essential. A bamboo sleep mask keeps the light out as well as the germs, as bamboo is a natural anti-microbial.

Bamboo Travel Pillow
Proper neck support can be the difference between good and bad sleep. However, a supportive neck pillow that has the added benefits of bamboo will help you catch some non-germy zzzzs.
Sleep is key to avoiding jet lag, so keeping the noise out works best with EarPeace ear buds. EarPeace come in a handy, sleek container with a clasp that will help you avoid losing them in your carry-on while also keeping them clean. Wake up refreshed, relaxed, and ready to hit the town!

Amy Kathryn Messenger Bag
This durable vegan bag from Amy Kathryn has enough compartments to hold all of your stuff (ie, phone, water bottle, passports, and makeup). Even better? It’s an easy-to-clean, cool, side sling bag that’s super stylish!
Tieks Vegan Ballet Flat
Not only are flats from Tieks comfortable, they’re also easy to slip on and off in the TSA line. Plus, they fold and take up very little space in your bag, which is always important when traveling.
Bamboo Pashmina
A well made, large pashmina (a scarf or wrap traditionally made from wool) is an essential garment because it keeps you warm and stylish while doubling as an in-flight blanket. Wear it on the plane as a scarf, and when it comes time for a nap, unravel it to be your personal clean and cozy blanket.

CoPilot App
CoPilot App provides turn-by-turn directions … even without wifi. This total lifesaver (no matter if you’re driving or walking) is my favorite navigation app on the market.

Select Wisely Cards
Select Wisely cards—which come in more than 50 languages—are handy for vegans because they describe what we do and don’t eat. Each fits in your wallet and is double-sided with text explanation of what is to be avoided, as well as photos that illustrate the foods to omit.

Solar charger
These days, we’re always on our phones, which is why a gadget charger that keeps us connected even when we’re not near an outlet is vital.

Lavender essential oil spray
A wonderful thing to have in your travel bag, lavender essential oil spray has myriad uses. Spray your hotel sheets, stave off critters, or use as impromptu deodorant on the go.

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a healthy living and green travel expert, media personality, holistic nutritionist, vegan chef, and author who has traveled the globe as a vegan since 1998.

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